Maharashtra, a state spanning west-central India, is best known for its fast-paced capital, Mumbai (formerly Bombay). For many Mumbai is just an arrival or departure point, as the international airport has very good connectivity to Europe and the US. However you may be missing a trick as both Mumbai and Maharashtra state have a lot to offer to the discerning traveller.

The sprawling metropolis of Mumbai is the home of the Bollywood film industry  as well as Dharavi slum and also has sites like the British Raj-era Gateway of India monument and the cave temples at Elephanta Island.

To the south is the rustic, beach-lined Konkan Coast and in the city of Pune the Aga Khan Palace is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi.

The Ajanta Caves are carved cliffside temples dating from the 2nd-century B.C., with vibrant Buddhist murals whilst Ellora is a sprawling Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock-hewn complex, with 34 monasteries and temples.

The eastern region’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve shelters Bengal tigers, leopards and rare birds. Hill stations in the Western Ghats range include 800m-high Matheran, an automobile-free resort reached by one of India’s famous “toy trains”.

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